list of Schools in dubai

School Name   Tel    Level  Curriculum Qualifications School Fees Comments
Abacus Quest Point UCMAS   +971-4-3373875   primary  UCMAS

 AQPU comments 
Adab Iranian School   +971-4-2633405     Iranian

Al Ahmadiya School   +971-4-2260286     UAE

Al Ameen School   +971-4-2677100   K-10  Islamic / UK IGCSE 4,500-5,100   
Al Andalus School Dubai   renamed    

 AASD comments 
Al Anwaar Kindergarten   +971-4-3945753     UAE

Al Anwar Private School   +971-4-2739360     Arabic

Al Baraah Kindergarten   +971-4-2857231     UAE

Al Diyafah High School   +971-4-2671115   K-12  Indian A-level, IGCSE 8,500-18,000  ADHS comments 
Al Eman School Dubai   +971-4-2858589     Arabic/UAE UAE GSEC
Al Farooq Pakistani Islamic School   +971-4-2643848     Pakistan FBISE 2,200-3,650   
Al Furjan School   planned   K-12  US

 AFS comments 
Al Ittihad Private School Jumeirah   +971-4-3945111   K-12  Arabic/US SAT 14,150-30,250   
Al Ittihad School Mamzar   +971-4-2966314   K-12  UAE/US SAT 12,960-29,520   
Al Jeel Al Saeed School   closed    
closed Sep 2005
 AJASS comments 
Al Khaleej National School   +971-4-2822707   K-12  UAE/US HS Diploma 11,275-21,576   
Al Khansa School for Girls   +971-4-2664266     UAE

Al Majd Indian School   +971-4-2646746   K-10  Indian SSLC (CBSE?) 2,500-3,650   
Al Manarah International Boarding School      secondary  International IB
Al Mawakeb School   +971-4-2851415   K-12  Arabic/US SAT, DELF 13,400-30,600  AMS comments 
Al Mawakeb School Barsha   +971-4-3478288   K-12  Arabic/US SAT, DELF 13,400-30,600  AMSB comments 
Al Noor Centre for Children with Special Needs   +971-4-3404844   K-12 
Special Needs 8,000  ANCCSN comments 
Al Qeyam Model School   +971-4-3409707     UAE

Al Rashid Al Saleh School   +971-4-3376126     Arabic/UAE UAE 4,000-8,600   
Al Sadiq Islamic English School   +971-4-2634083   K-12  Arabic/UK
Al Salam Private School   +971-4-2679594   K-10  Arabic/UK IGCSE 11,700-21,000   
Al Shorouq Private School   +971-4-3440765   K-12  Arabic/UAE UAE 6,045-10,050   
Al Thuraya School   +971-4-2824964   K-12  Arabic/UAE
5,800-12,180  ATS comments 
Al Wasl School        Arabic/UAE UAE
Al Worood School Dubai   +971-4-8859418   primary  Arabic/UK

Allama Iqbal School   +971-4-3384284     Pakistan FBISE 1,500  AIS comments 
American Academy for Girls Dubai   +971-4-2887250   K-12  US AP 28,580-44,170  AAGD comments 
American Community School Dubai   planned    

 ACSD comments 
American International School Dubai   +971-4-2988666   K-12  Arabic/US/Canadian US/UAE HS Diploma 12,020-20,120  AISD comments 
American School of Dubai   +971-50-1002310   K-12  US AP, HS diploma 45,000-70,720  ASD comments 
Apple International School   +971-4-2638989   primary  Indian/UK
5,690-10,450  AIS comments 
Arab Unity School   +971-4-2886226   K-12  Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE 4,000-6,000   
Arsenal Soccer School Dubai   +971-4-8096679    

Badrah School Dubai Waterfront   planned   K-12  International

Bangladesh Islamic School   closed?   primary  Bangladeshi

Barcelona Soccer School Dubai   +971-4-3915038    

Beacon Education   +971-4-3498806    

 BE comments 
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School Dubai   proposed     Indian CBSE
Boathouse School Palm Jumeirah   planned   primary 

Bradenton Academy Dubai   +971-4-4251111   K-12  US IB? 30,000-70,790  BAD comments 
British Institute for Learning Development   +971-4-3945907   K-10  UK Special Needs 72,000  BILD comments 
British National Curriculum School   closed   K-12  UK

 BNCS comments 
Buds Public School   +971-4-2888143   K-12  Indian CBSE 4,500-7,000   
Cambridge High School Dubai   +971-4-2824646   K-12  Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE
Cambridge International School Al Quoz   planned   K-12  UK

Cambridge International School Dubai   +971-4-2824646   K-12  UK A-level, IGCSE 13,456-18,270   
Cambridge International School Jumeirah Village   planned   K-12  UK

Canadian International School Dubai   planned     Canadian BC HS Diploma
Central School Dubai   +971-4-2674433   K-12  Indian CBSE, AISSC 2,500-4,400   
Child Early Intervention Medical Center   +971-4-4233667     Support Services Special Needs
 CEIMC comments 
Choueifat Dubai   +971-4-3999444   K-12  Choueifat/UK/US SABIS 15,000-29,700  CD comments 
Crescent School Dubai   +971-4-2988866   K-12  Indian CBSE, Kerala 2,800  CSD comments 
Deans International School   +971-4-3387334   K-12  US AP, SAT 19,450-32,825  DIS comments 
Deira Homeland School   not found    

 DHS comments 
Deira International School   +971-4-2325552   K-12  UK IB, IGCSE 28,995-58,420   
Deira Private School   +971-4-2641595   primary  UK NC 22,000-30,000  DPS comments 
Deira Private School Garhoud   closed    

 DPSG comments 
Delhi Private School Dubai   +971-4-8821848   K-12  Indian CBSE 8,100-11,340  DPSD comments 
Downs Syndrome Dubai        Support Group Special Needs
Dubai American Academy   +971-4-3479222   K-12  US IB 15,740-65,270  DAA comments 
Dubai American Scientific School   +971-4-3392444   K-12  US
16,156-27,340  DASS comments 
Dubai Arab American School   +971-4-2882222   K-10  UAE/US
10,000-20,000  DAAS comments 
Dubai Autism Center   +971-4-3986862    
Special Needs
Dubai British School   +971-4-3619361   K-12  UK A-level, IGCSE, GCSE 35,400-53,100  DBS comments 
Dubai Carmel School   +971-4-2675424   K-12  Arabic/UK IGCSE, O-level 11,000-17,110   
Dubai Center for Special Needs   +971-4-3440966    
Special Needs
 DCSN comments 
Dubai College   +971-4-3999111   secondary  UK A-level, GCSE 60,318-68,304  DC comments 
Dubai Community Health Center   +971-4-3953939     Support Services Special Needs
Dubai English Speaking College   +971-4-3604866   secondary  UK A-level, GCSE 59,080-63,500  DESC comments 
Dubai English Speaking School   +971-4-3371457   primary  UK NC 32,880  DESS comments 
Dubai First School   +971-4-3380333   K-12  UAE/US UAE GSEC 7,920-14,700   
Dubai Gem School   +971-4-3376661   K-12  Indian A-level, IGCSE, O-level 9,900-19,500   
Dubai International Academy   +971-4-3684111   K-12  UK/US IB DP, MYP, PYP 32,170-57,000  DIA comments 
Dubai International School   +971-4-2823513   K-12  Arabic/US SAT, UAE 10,973-17,226   
Dubai International School Nad Al Sheba   +971-4-3385530   K-12  Arabic/US SAT, UAE 10,973-17,226   
Dubai Investment Park Schools       

 DIPS comments 
Dubai Modern Education School   +971-4-2885115   K-12  UAE/US
Dubai National School   +971-4-3474555   K-12  UAE/US HS Diploma / UAE 15,150-24,850   
Dubai National School Al Twar   +971-4-2988555   K-12  UAE/US HS Diploma / UAE 14,000-22,950   
Dubai Pearl Private School   +971-4-2688387     UAE/MOE

Dubai Scholars Private School   +971-4-2988892   K-10  Indian O-level 10,100-12,450   
Dubai Secondary School   +971-4-2966602     Arabic/UAE

Dubailand Taleem School   planned   K-12  UK/US

Dulwich College Dubai   planned     UK IB, A-level, IGCSE, GCSE*
Dyslexia Dubai   +971-4-3446657     Support Group Special Needs
Elite English School   +971-4-2688244   K-10  Indian CBSE 4,500-5,800   
Emirates English Speaking Centre   closed     Indian Special Needs
 EESC comments 
Emirates English Speaking School   +971-4-3947355   K-12  Indian CBSE 3,130-4,750  EESS comments 
Emirates International School Jumeirah   +971-4-3489804   K-12  UK/US IB, IGCSE 28,841-61,116  EISJ comments 
Emirates International School Meadows   +971-4-3629009   K-12  UK IB, IGCSE 22,050-65,400  EISM comments 
English College Dubai   +971-4-3943465   K-12  UK NC, GCSE, A-level 22,620-50,820   
English Medium School Dubai   +971-4-3377503   K-12  Arabic/UK A-level, O-level 2,540-7,260   
ETA Star Education   +971-4-2888404    

 ESE comments 
European School of Dubai   +971-4-2678726   primary  UK NC 7,500-10,200   
French School Dubai   +971-4-3260026   secondary  French
25,000-27,500  FSD comments 
GEMS Schools   +971-4-3477770    

5,000-92,000  GS comments 
GEMS World Academy   +971-4-3736373   K-12  UK/US IB DP, MYP, PYP 53,000-92,000  GWA comments 
German School Dubai   +971-4-4209790   primary  German
18,800-55,500  GSD comments 
Global Indian International School Dubai      K-12  Indian Montessori, ICSE, IB 16,500-20,500   
Golden Indian Private School   closed 1999     Indian closed
Grammar School Dubai   +971-4-2824822   K-12  Indian A-level, IGCSE 3,842-5,283   
Green Field Kindergarten   closed 1999     Indian closed
Greenfield Community School   +971-4-8856600   K-12  International IB DP, MYP, PYP 35,840-54,000  GCS comments 
Greenwood International School   +971-4-2888000   K-12  Arabic/US SAT 15,000-23,000  GIS comments 
Gulf Indian High School   +971-4-2824455   K-12  Indian CBSE 2,784-5,220  GIHS comments 
Gulf Model School   +971-4-2544222   K-12  Indian CBSE, Kerala 2,640-4,800   
Horizon College Dubai   planned   secondary  UK

 HCD comments 
Horizon School Dubai   +971-4-3422891   primary  UK NC 26,000-36,000  HSD comments 
Indian High School Dubai   +971-4-3377475   secondary  Indian CBSE 3,300-6,240  IHSD comments 
Indian High School Garhoud   +971-4-2823555   primary  Indian CBSE 3,120-3,300   
Institute of Applied Technology   +971-4-2122888     UAE

 IAT comments 
International Academic School Dubai   +971-4-2800993   K-12  Arabic/US HS Diploma 11,600-21,600  IASD comments 
International Indian High School Dubai   planned   primary  Indian CBSE
International School of Arts and Sciences Dubai   +971-4-2800459   K-12  US
22,950-41,300  ISASD comments 
International School of Choueifat      K-12  Choueifat SABIS
International Talent Academy Dubai      K-12  International IB DP, MYP, PYP
Iranian Boys School Dubai   +971-4-3519158   K-12  Iranian
5,000-6,000  IBSD comments 
Iranian Girls School Dubai   +971-4-3961234   K-12  Iranian
5,000-6,000  IGSD comments 
Islamic Studies and Holy Quran School   +971-4-2228667    

Japanese School Dubai   +971-4-3449119   primary  Japanese
8,280  JSD comments 
Jebel Ali Primary School   +971-4-8846485   primary  UK NC 33,300   
Jebel Ali School   +971-4-8846485   secondary  UK A-Level, GCSE, NC
 JAS comments 
JESS Arabian Ranches   +971-4-3619019   K-12  UK IB, GCSE 28,791-70,746   
JSS International School   +971-4-3612917   primary  Indian CBSE, ISCE 12,750-20,400   
Jumeirah Baccalaureate School   +971-4-3446931   K-12  International IB, IBDP, IBMYP, IPC, IGCSE 50,000-65,000   
Jumeirah College   +971-4-3954950   secondary  UK A-level, GCSE 48,024-60,030   
Jumeirah English Speaking School   +971-4-3945515   primary  UK NC KS1 KS2 28,791-36,087   
Jumeirah Primary City School   renamed WPS   primary  UK
34,510-43,500  JPCS comments 
Jumeirah Primary School   +971-4-3943500   primary  UK NC 30,920-38,976  JPS comments 
K12 International Academy   +971-4-3748247   K-12  US/Home School US/UAE HS Diploma 18,332-25,672   
Khadija Iranian School Dubai   +971-4-3961236   K-12  Iranian
Kings College Dubai   planned   K-12  UK NC GCSE, A-Level
Kings School Dubai   +971-4-3483939   primary  UK NC FS KS1 KS2 30,682-46,690   
Latifa School for Girls   +971-4-3361065   K-12  Arabic/UK A-level, GCSE
Little Flock English School   +971-4-3448044   primary 

Little Flower English School Dubai   +971-4-2667620   primary  Indian CBSE 2,000-3,000   
Lycee Francais International Dubai   +971-4-3368552   primary  French
15,000-22,000  LFID comments 
Lycee Georges Pompidou Ecole primaire Dubai   +971-4-3374161   primary  French
17,200-20,700  LGPEPD comments 
Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive   +971-4-2640800   K-12  French
Manchester Soccer School Dubai   +971-4-3293313    

 MSSD comments 
Millennium School Dubai   +971-4-2988567   K-12  Indian CBSE 9,860-14,500   
Mirdiff Private School   +971-4-2883303   K-10  Arabic/US
Modern High School Dubai   +971-4-3263339   K-12  Indian CISCE, ICSE, ISC 18,530-27,452  MHSD comments 
Modern Renaissance School   closed Jun 2006   primary  UK closed 11,000-16,000  MRS comments 
Modern School and Nursery   +971-4-2613069   primary  Indian/UK

Mothers of Children with Special Needs Dubai        Support Group Special Needs
Mu Idris English High School   not found    

National Charity School Dubai   +971-4-2824499   K-12  Arabic/UAE MOE 3,600-6,600   
New Arab Unity School   +971-4-2884844   K-12  Arabic / US
New Indian Model School Dubai   +971-4-2824313   K-12  Indian CBSE, SSLC 2,500-4,350   
New World Private School   +971-4-2610033   K-12  UAE
Nibras International School   +971-4-8853330   K-12  Arabic/US SAT 21,900-39,000  NIS comments 
NumberWorks n Words Mirdiff       

 NNWM comments 
NumberWorks n Words Springs       

 NNWS comments 
Oundle School Dubai   planned   K-12  UK GCSE, A-Level, IB?
 OSD comments 
Our Own English High School Dubai   +971-4-3374112   K-12  Indian CBSE 4,020-8,630  OOEHSD comments 
Our Own High School   +971-4-2800077   K-12  Indian CBSE 6,098-10,535  OOHS comments 
Our Own Indian School   +971-4-3391188   K-12  Indian CBSE 2,950-6,050  OOIS comments 
Oxford School Dubai   +971-4-2543666   K-12  Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE, NC 11,115-18,700   
Pakistan Education Academy   +971-4-3370126   K-12  Pakistan FBISE SSC, HSSC 3,740-6,280  PEA comments 
Pakistan English School   +971-4-3930898     Pakistan FBISE
Pakistan National High School   not found     Pakistan

Pakistani Embassy School Dubai        Pakistan

Pan American Academy Dubai   planned   K-12  Canadian BC HS Diploma
Philadelphia Private School Dubai   +971-4-2646202    K-12  Arabic / US
Pristine Private School   +971-4-2674299   K-12  UK IGCSE, AS, A-levels 8,220-15,405  PPS comments 
Private Religious Institute   +971-4-3495095     UAE UAE
Queen International School   +971-4-2652600   K-12  Arabic/UK AS-level, IGCSE 11,135-20,880   
Raffles International School   +971-4-4271200   K-12  UK/US IB, A-level, US 25,000-70,000  RIS comments 
Rajagiri International School   +971-4-2800691   primary  Indian CBSE 9,750-12,000  RIS comments 
Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre   +971-4-3400005    
Special Needs
Rashid Primary School   +971-4-3361187   primary  Arabic/UK

Rashid School for Boys   +971-4-3361300   K-12  Arabic/UK A-level, GCSE
Regent International School   +971-4-3608830   K-12  UK IB, IGCSE, NC 33,000-41,000  RIS comments 
Regent School Dubai   +971-4-3448049   primary  Indian

Repton School Dubai   +971-4-4269393   K-12  UK IB, IGCSE 42,500-90,000  RSD comments 
Royal Dubai School   +971-4-2886499   K-10  UK NC, GCSE, A-level 30,084-53,399  RDS comments 
Russian School Dubai   +971-4-2641515   K-12  Russian
Safa School   +971-4-3947879   primary  UK NC FS KS1 KS2 20,010-29,580  SS comments 
Salman Farsi School   +971-4-2988121   K-12  Iranian
1,200-2,200  SFS comments 
School of Modern Skills   +971-4-2887765   K-10  Arabic / US UAE 13,900-19,800  SMS comments 
School of Research Science   +971-4-2988772   K-12  Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE 19,600-36,800  SRS comments 
Senses Dubai   +971-4-3948765     Support Services Special Needs
Sharjah American School Dubai   +971-4-2801111   K-12  Arabic/US AP, SAT 13,000-33,000  SASD comments 
Sheffield School Dubai   +971-4-2678444   K-10  UK GCSE 18,560-29,000  SSD comments 
Sheikh Rashid Pakistan School   +971-4-2988303   K-12  Pakistan FBISE SSC 2,250-4,450  SRPS comments 
Silicon Oasis GEMS School   renamed GWA   K-12  UK IB DP
 SOGS comments 
Silvery Indian School   +971-4-2665448   primary  Indian

SNF Children Development Center   +971-4-3349818   K-12 
Special Needs
 SCDC comments 
St Andrews School Dubai   +971-4-3945907    
Special Needs
St Marys School Dubai   +971-4-3370252   K-12  UK A-level, IGCSE, GCSE 3,600-7,730  SMSD comments 
Star International School Al Twar   +971-4-2638999   K-10  UK NC 17,000-33,640  SISAT comments 
Star International School Barsha   not planned    

 SISB comments 
Star International School Jumeirah   +971-4-3483314   primary  UK NC 28,400-42,750  SISJ comments 
Star International School Mirdiff   +971-4-2884644   primary  UK NC 28,400-42,750  SISM comments 
Star International School Mizhar   not planned    

 SISM comments 
Star International School Qusais   not planned    

 SISQ comments 
Sultan Al Owais Public School   +971-4-2966068     UAE

Swedish School in Dubai      K-12  Sweden

Teens 4 Positive Action        Support Group

The City International School   +971-4-2899722   K-12  Pakistan/UK A-level, IGCSE, O-level 11,000-18,000  TCIS comments 
The Kindergarten Starters   +971-4-2824090   primary  Indian CBSE 4,466-5,933  TKS comments 
UAE Downs Syndrome Association   +971-4-3671949     Support Group Special Needs
UAE Downs Syndrome Support Group        Support Group Special Needs
United International Private School   +971-4-2543888   K-10  Philippines RBEC 4,300-8,250  UIPS comments 
Universal American School   +971-4-2325222   K-12  US IB, US HS diploma 26,100-61,040  UAS comments 
Uptown High School   +971-4-2641818   secondary  UK/US IBMYP, IB DP 49,000-69,000  UHS comments 
Uptown School   +971-4-2886270   primary  UK IBPYP 28,580-38,980  US comments 
Varkey Group   +971-4-3477770    

 renamed OOIS   K-12  Indian CBSE, SSLC
 VIS comments 
Wellington Academy Dubai      K-12  UK NC
 WAD comments 
Wellington College Dubai   not planned     UK A-level, GCSE
Wellington International School   +971-4-3484999   K-12  UK IB, AS / A-level, I/GCSE 33,249-72,335   
Wellington International School Palm Jumeirah   planned   primary  UK NC
Wellington Primary School   +971-4-3433266   primary  UK NC FS1-2 KS1-2 34,510-43,500  WPS comments 
Westminster School Dubai   +971-4-2988333   K-12  Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE 4,802-9,338  WSD comments 
Winchester School Dubai   +971-4-8820444   primary  Indian / UK NC 8,352-16,008  WSD comments 
Zabeel School   +971-4-3374821   secondary  Arabic/UAE
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